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Nancy Lindsay

Nancy Lindsay 

Creating art has been a life-long journey for me. Growing up in Nebraska, my father's drawings and my grandfather's woodcarvings inspired me. My mother  always encouraged me to be creative and provided me with plenty of art supplies. As a teacher, she had many creative interests. Together we experimented with pottery, mosaics, batik and weaving.

After many years of painting, the landscape has become my inspiration, whether it is the endless Nebraska horizon, the deep woodlands and river valleys of Iowa or the rugged Mediterranean coastline. I prefer to paint on location (en plein air) and complete a painting in one session. Painting outside gives me the opportunity to inspire those who have never seen an artist at work.

During the Iowa winter, I work from my studio on larger paintings and private commissions. Multi-media experimentation is also my passion. Whether it is collage, intaglio printmaking or large abstract works, I never seem to have enough time.

II love the challenge of a new project!

Contact :  nancy@nancylindsay.com

SAmana Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint    -    Plein air competition,   Amana, IA  -  September 1 - 2

Bluff Strokes   -   Plein air competition,   Dubuque, IA  -  October 6 - 12

Corporate Collections:







Installation Aviva Insurance, Prairie Cafe, West Des Moines, IA 17'x10'


CONTACT:   nancy@nancylindsay.com


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