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Travelogue of European Paintings

Paris - Marseilles - Cassis - Sofia - Plovdiv - Gela - Istanbul - Prague

 -This is a series of small paintings I painted each day chronicling my travels in 2003

Paris-Jardin de Tuileries

Paris - Pont de Sully

Paris - Along the Seine

Port of Marseille from Jardin du Pharo

Beach at Cassis

Entrance Port of Cassis

Port of Cassis

Avenue Cassis

Evening Cassis

Entrance Les Calanques


Shoppe Atlantis - Cassis

Memorial Sofia, Bulgaria

Plovdiv Ancient Theatre

Apple Tree - Gela

Beautiful Gela

Gela Morning Surprise

Trigrad Gorge

Gela Early Morning

View from Churchyard

Sunshine near Gela

Window Shiroka Laka

Magic Water

Rhodope October

Roman Bridge Trigrad Gorge

Uskudar Ferry Landing

Maiden Tower on the Bosphoras

Prague Castle from Bridge

Prague -Vitava River



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